Huffington Post – Chester Bennington

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In July 2017, the world lost a fantastic artist and mental health advocate for victims of child abuse and depression. Chester Bennington, lead singer of band Linkin Park sadly took his own life. This is a thought piece I wrote for the Huffington Post about what his contributions to the world meant to me and how his music and lyrics affected my life.
 ‘a thank you to Chester Bennington, Linkin Park and all those like them who are willing to share the honest, open, beautiful and ugly truth about depression or mental health in a way that inspires people to talk, share, sing or find some consolation in others. Mainly this is in recognition of all those ordinary people (one in four of us), no matter who you are, who have fought, are fighting or will battle with mental health in their lifetime.
We are conditioned to believe we are alone in our battles. We are not.
We are conditioned to believe we are ‘less than’ because of our struggles. We are not.’
Originally published in the Huffington Post 21/07/2017

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